Risk Avoidance

Successfully correcting the ticking time bomb of defective merchandise is a critical priority for Disney at this time. To alleviate the issues, Disney will need to examine the vendor for process and quality controls implemented in the production of the effected merchandise and inspection criteria that follow. In addition, assessing the production facility for worker sentiment, safety and needed education and training is essential. If needed, implementation of reward programs for improved and sustained performance will improve workmanship and employee satisfaction.

The introduction of and training of In-Process quality-control (IPQC) will aid in pinpointing any errors in the manufacturing process prior to getting to the final inspection. Measuring products against specifications at critical points of the production process will allow for continuous process improvement and a decline in overall issues. A sample of this process is shown below.


Source: (ICQ)

Using this process, data will be collected and maintained giving the ability to do further analysis using control charts such as x Charts, R Charts, p Charts and c Charts. These visuals each have their own purpose and define control limits to monitor the process. These control limits, upper and lower are set at 3 Standard Deviation from the centerline. A sample control chart is shown below which clearly displays the upper and lower control boundaries as well as the centerline. In addition, it displays a non-conforming event that fell out of the boundaries,


Source: (iirsm.org)

In addition to newly implemented quality processes, the ability to monitor progress and results via a supplier quality dashboard would serve as an additional benefit. A sample dashboard is shown below.


Source: (Aspiro)


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