Personnel Analysis

At this time restructuring is not recommended. Disney has undergone constant refinement to its organizational structure and hiring processes. Recently Disney streamlined its operations by cutting duplicate positions created from the acquisitions over the past few years. In addition, it is still recovering from the large amount of layoffs due to the previous recession and domestic economic instability. With the planned growth, Disney will need to expand its employment force to cover the new areas. Currently Walt Disney World employs sixty thousand people including, full time, hourly and seasonal personnel to run and maintain operations. It is recommended that the newly built themed areas be staffed primarily utilizing part time cast members. In addition, Disney needs to look into the work environment to maintain cast loyalty. A improved internal working environment leads to improved employee relations, retention and the minimizing of competitors luring trained employees away.


Disney should maintain its current methodology shown above. Offering excellent career opportunity with benefits and training will be the keys to hiring the quality Cast Members Disney requires. Offering tuition reimbursement will attract college students to fill these hourly roles. Aligning the types of students for future roles is another aspect of the overall strategy. These Cast Members can be the future Imagineers and leaders of Disney. In addition, free park admission and merchandise discounts aid in Cast Member retention. Maintaining current pay scales and grades is recommended. It is not believed at this time that increasing hourly pay rate benefits productivity as shown in the graph below:

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Business needs is estimating the need of two thousand additional cast member for growth initiatives at a cost of approximately 20 Million dollars. The increase in labor cost is easily set off by newly generated park revenues from Star Wars Land, Avatar and Disney Spring estimated to eclipse 300 million dollars. Substandard personnel will continue to be monitored based on the current point system. Garnishing violation points for issues regarding performance, attendance and motivation. The performance of the cast members will be monitored versus a determined expectation and metric utilizing automatic notification and dashboard to monitor improvement. These dashboards will be similar to the one shown below:



Termination is non-negotiable when an employer reaching a point threshold determined by their position. Points can be reduced with additional training and improvement. This allows Disney to legally and swiftly maintain a quality labor force with minimal weakness.


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