Target Customers

To have a successful event that drives sales for both Vacation Club Ownership and Annual Pass membership, Disney must invite an effective group of possible clientele. This event will be open to Vacation club owners, Annual pass holders, and those owning both being given the option to bring family and friends to the event as well. In addition, Cast members will not be eligible to attend the event or enter the contest.

The breakdown of guest types visiting the park in the previous year is shown in the table below:

Visitor Breakdown

Since we are limiting the event to Annual Pass Holders, Disney Vacation Club owners or both and excluding Cast members, the event will be open 950,000 guests located throughout the United States. Further analysis of the structure of this guest subset is shown in the following data:

Regional Breakdown

Holding two separate events in both the Walt Disney World in Florida and Disneyland resort in California would allow Disney to target the largest consumer base. This decision is supported by the geographic breakdown of the eligible participants as generated by Tableau.

Reginal Graph

Eligible Promotional population by region

Utilizing already existing convention center accommodations at both locations would be a considerable cost savings. The worst case total cost of this event is estimated to run approximately 2 million dollars with the following breakdown:

  • Convention Centers build up and presentation – $225,000
  • Convention Center Bookings – $250,000
  • Gift Bags for all invited guests values at $20 each – $1,000,000
  • Food and Beverage – $200,000
  • Labor : $225,000
  • Aulani Vacation Packages (3 total) = $100,000

The price for the event is reasonable and will easily be recouped by Vacation club membership alone.   Outside of the immediate revenue, both the annual pass and Vacation club create predictable recurring revenue. In the case of the Vacation Club that is over the span of several years. Estimated worst case revenue at the events is nearly $13,000,000 as follows.

  • 5,000 Premium Annual passes at $600 a piece – $3,000,000
  • 500 Vacation Club Memberships averaging 150 points at $130 a point – $9,750,000



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