Target Area Analysis

Since India is very large. You decided to focus on a smaller territory or a certain population. Where in India do you recommend to upper management? Why? Provide visualization [Hint: Use scatter plot, geographical map, regional maps, etc.] to demonstrate your analyses.

The size of India is a very intimidating aspect of expansion. Choosing the correct location to go to needs to be based on where the Metropolitan cluster s are located. According to a McKinsey and Company study,

“Companies considering a granular pan-India play could target metropolitan clusters. We expect that just 49 of them (some 183 districts) will account for about 77 percent of India’s incremental GDP, 72 percent of its consuming-class households, and 73 percent of its income pool from 2012 to 2025. They are therefore appropriate for companies looking to expand into areas where access to basic infrastructure does not pose a binding constraint” (, 2014).


mumbaiMumbai stands out as primary locations for successfully gaining a foothold for future revenue growth. It is an entertainment, fashion and commercial hub. In addition, Mumbai is served by one of the largest regional International airports and seaport allowing for efficient merchandise and supply logistics. With already existing industrialization, difficulty with infrastructure and technology is minimized.

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