Product / Service Analysis

In addition to standard Disney apparel and merchandise, Disney would benefit in the introduction of specific lines of clothing representative of the India culture and lifestyle. While there is a trend for Western clothing, there is a very large demand for more traditional attire such as the following. As per an article on, fashion trends in Indian include the following:

  • Sari – A national attire worn by women
  • Salwar Kameez – A two piece dress with a veil.
  • Lehenga and Choli – A long skirt of ankle length and a blouse.
  • Dhoti and Kurta – Dhoti is a cloth that gets wrapped around the waste of a man

Examples of these fashions are depicted below (as listed above from left to right):


Source: (Amazon)

Leveraging the power of the Disney brand and its films, the path to cultural Indian wear by Disney is clear. In fact, many of the Disney films have already entered this realm. The image below shows several of the Disney princesses in traditional Indian attire.


Source: (

References :

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