Expansion Recommendation

The India marketplace is the most promising for the decades to come. It is very difficult to ignore the growth potential. According to an article by Ravi Natu posted at startupoverseas.co.uk, “Economy forecasts paint India as the fifth largest consumer market in 2025.” The middle class in India is made up of over 300 million people. With a plentiful amount of skilled and lower cost unskilled laborers, it is an economically sound solution for Disney to entertain.

Disney has a strong foothold in e-commerce already.  In addition, focusing on apparel and Disney merchandise would allow for a strong start with a further growth potential upon the introduction of culturally specific clothing.mickey India

One of the largest risk factors will be the differing cultures and business etiquettes.  Taking this into consideration and offering merchandise suitable for the Indian culture is the first step to a successful expansion. Utilizing Mumbai for operations and warehousing gives Disney available skilled workforce and infrastructure to reduce the barriers to starting. The question is not whether or not to expand into the India market. It is when, where and how.  There is no question that this is an opportunity that should not be ignored.                                                                                                  Source: disneyandmore


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